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Hello and welcome to my page Nolver's Cool Tubes! On this place I'm sharing my Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop tubes for free for everyone like African American tubes, animal tubes, regular tubes and many more. 
The reason why I started this page is, because so many various tubes, like female tubes, scenic tubes and accessory tubes etcetera, are not easy to find on the internet. I mostly was engaged in this typical situation where I wanted to find a particular tube, like a misted moon scenery or something like that, but you can't find anything. Hence I had to make it myself.
If you are a tutorial writer and would like to use my tubes in a tutorial, please send me an email to ask permission first, by clicking here
I'm not a regular tuber, so I don't post daily, but only when I see something interesting. Please DON'T SHARE my tubes on other websites, I'm not giving any permission. 
 I would be honoured if you signed my guestbook and also if you would like to share your creation where you have used my tubes as well by sending it to me by email
For questions, you can send me an email too. The copyright always lies with the original artist, I'm only the tuber. Have fun!